Award-winning tools to buy & sell carbon offsets

Our impartial tools let you & your customers purchase high-quality carbon offsets with total transparency.

Why companies love using Thrust Offset

Carbon offsets for yourself or your clients

Thrust Offset is designed so that your business can transparently purchase carbon offsets, or act as your partner to market carbon offsets to your clients. We are an independent platform that connects to any carbon offset, which means you can have complete choice surrounding type, location, and vintage of your carbon offsets.

Affordable & Dynamic Offsets

We show only the best, most relevant, engaging offsets from our incredible partners. By only displaying engaging offsets, you can expect 5x more offset purchases than the industry average.

Easy Integration

Our groundbreaking product is simple to integrate into your existing checkout. You can use our API, or pre-built solutions. Every pixel is customisable to match your brand. In three lines of code, we calculate your customer's impact and display compelling offsets.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Not only are you alleviating the carbon impact of your customers, they are having a better experience with your brand when they receive white-label updates about the projects they support.

Total Transparency

As a third party and leader in green technology and offsets, we bring the credibility your customers need to make purchases by making our fees completely transparent, and see you as a company of the future, worthy of their business.

Our research & insights are leading the conversation

Getting started is easy. Become green in minutes.

Features for every need

Fee transparency

Our small fee is displayed to your clients, so they know how much of their payment reaches their project.

Fee flexibility

Don't expect your customers to pay our fee? You can partially or fully cover our costs, with bulk discounts available.

Use your checkout

The customer does not leave your site or see the Thrust Carbon name once.

Customise offsets

You have control over the offsets that are displayed, and you can even load your own offset programmes.

We handle offset retirement

We handle and track the retirement of all offsets purchased, so you don't have to.

Publish your impact

Demonstrate your positive impact with our white label offset certificates and impact reports.

Elegant integration

Your tech team receives three lines of code to integrate.

Getting started is easy. Become green in minutes.