Behavioural change tools to reduce employee carbon emissions

Carbon emissions are created by people, not spreadsheets. Give your employees tools and incentives to reduce their emissions.

Why companies love using Thrust Engage

Personalised dashboards giving emission visibility

Give every employee access to their emissions and their team's emissions. Your dashboard lets employees understand what causes their emissions, and gives them smart personalised suggestions to reduce their carbon emissions.

Carbon budgets & taxation - the most effective lever for carbon reductions

Just like you set spending budgets, you should be setting carbon budgets. Give every team a defined carbon budget to enforce compliance with your carbon policy. Furthermore, you can charge an internal tax on carbon to further incentivise teams.

You will be joining some of the world's most forward-thinking companies. This approach is endorsed by over 3000 economists and 27 Nobel Laureates Economists.

Nudge behaviour at the point of booking & during travel

Thrust Engage can nudge behaviour when employees are using booking tools so that your employees can choose lower-emitting options. You can follow up with smart messaging while your employees are on-trip, to ensure they continue to make low-emission and policy-compliant choices.

Built on sound behavioural psychology

We utilise Nudge Theory to gently influence behaviour. This theory was successfully used by the Obama Administration to influence citizens to make better decisions, and the theory's creator went on to win the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2017.

Our research & insights are leading the conversation

Getting started is easy. Become green in minutes.

Features for every need

Indicative or enforced carbon budgets

Use indicative carbon budgets to prepare your employees before introducing enforced carbon budgets to meet Net-Zero goals.

Smart notifications

Notifications are sent to your employees at the time it is most likely to positively influence behaviour.

Engaging data tools

In a world of engaging media, your data needs to compete. We make it interesting, and talk in your employee's tone.

Customised design

Your carbon messaging is the vision of your company's future, so make sure it looks that way too.

Single Sign On (SSO)

No one needs another login, so enable your employees to sign-on using their regular company credentials.

Personalised suggestions

Suggestions should be tailed to your employees specific travel profile and their habits.

Multi-language & multi-cultural

The effect of climate change is universal, but the way you communicate climate change differs for every culture and language.

Flexible carbon taxes

Implement fixed, progressive, or exponential carbon taxes, to dramatically reduce your carbon emissions.

"In January 2019, economists published a statement in The Wall Street Journal calling for a carbon tax, describing it as "the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed that is necessary." By February 2019, the statement had been signed by more than 3,000 U.S. economists, including 27 Nobel Laureate Economists."

Getting started is easy. Become green in minutes.