Calculate and offset complex carbon emissions

The first step to improving your environmental impact is understanding your data. Our market leading calculator delivers the most detailed level of carbon reporting available.

Why companies love using the Thrust Calculator

Market Leading Calculations

We love data. We use hundreds of different data-points to provide so your numbers are the most defensible in the market. We can calculate your big emissions, such as travel, as well as many smaller emissions types, such as deliveries, internet servers, and raw materials, to give you a complete carbon picture.

Beautiful Impact Reports

Crunching data is one thing, but does it look compelling? Does it persuade your colleagues to take action? With the click of one button, you can generate a gorgeous white label report that brings your data to life.

Offset with Ease

After we've crunched all your numbers, our app will show you some of the most compelling, engaging, and relevant offsets that you can purchase from around the world, to improve our world, today.

Affordable Subscription

Understanding your data is the first step in improving your carbon footprint. We firmly believe our actions shouldn't have to cost the earth, so nor should our calculator. Book a demo to learn about our low-cost pricing.

Features for every need

More than just air

Calculate air, hotel, rail, car, excursions, and more. Made more accurate by location of emissions, vehicle types, and more.

Up to date calculations

Our models improve with every new client, academic report, and research published.

Excel upload

Don't want to enter 100,000 segments manually? Our excel upload works much better.

As many reports as you like

Whole company, departments, individuals, you can hammer our calculator as much as you like.

GDPR & security

We hold no personal data whatsoever, and all your travel information is locked safely away.

Employee engagement

Our reports are perfect for improving employee engagement with the environment, and enhancing culture.

See our methodology

Our calculations are quite complex, so we explain how we reach your impact number in each report.


Looking for additional features and benefits? Let's work together and get them built.

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